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Argument essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Contention - Essay Example For instance, media these days are in the long run utilized for item advancement, organization underwriting, advocating a character, and some increasingly (Hardy, 100). As it were, there can be numerous things to be finished by essentially bringing media into one’s hand. The vast majority of them are imaginative in nature. To refer to an example, it is critical to considerably think about the instance of item advancement or other important underwriting just to pick up compassion or consideration from the intended interest group. Frequently, it is seen in TV and other important media how imaginative these series of supports could turn out. For instance, utilizing the idea of viral promoting, there is a need or thought of speed. Just to have the option to hit this goal, inventive methods are significantly utilized along the procedure. Sooner or later, innovative methodological methodologies are significantly included just to have the option to hit explicit targets. On account of Burger King for example, its thought regarding viral showcasing was generously applied so as to increase momentous consideration about its item or administration contributions. Along these lines, media have become gainful instruments so as to assist a particular gathering with reaching its serious edge over the other or acquire explicit targets. ... Others then again were acclaimed because of noteworthy exhibit of something what they got. For example, the formation of Youtube and other interpersonal interaction locales permit a person to make something that would have any kind of effect on the planet. Truth be told, numerous characters have cleared their way through the stepping stool of achievement in view of the media. In whatever point it might serve, the primary concern was to deliberately illuminate people in general so as the equivalent would make impression, reaction or conclusion on the topic. This is a momentous verification that the media couldn't just present imaginative systems just at the opposite side of the coin. They might build up any important issues, circumstances, concerns or any prospects of everything since they all have the ability to illuminate the general population and associate with people’s lives, in pretty much every walk, if they would be distributed eventually in an exceptionally innovative manner. Truth be told, media have become essential segments on how the chosen authorities in the US had the option to effectively increase famous votes in the political decision. It is hence certain that bringing the media into the people’s hands could get powerless to control, misuse in either fortunate or unfortunate goals, which could give either positive or negative outcomes. Some great consequences of the media anyway would incorporate keeping the open educated with the correct data. The individuals have the right to know reality, and in numerous years the media have demonstrated successful instruments in doing as such. For instance, the battle against terroristic acts was overwhelmed by the media with regards to data dispersal. Actually, there were different terroristic endeavors

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Business Systems Analysis and Design Coursework - 5

Business Systems Analysis and Design - Coursework Example will happen when the new framework is working, considering any issue based issues not quickly clear, yet which could affect on the last usage on the off chance that it happens.(Patching, 1995). The investigation began with interviews and an investigation of existing frameworks and forms and the quantity of individuals working for the general public, not at all like the evaluation framework exists at present. The most recent execution was that of the staff nonattendance observing framework, which made some threatening vibe from the staff, who felt it was an unjustified assault on them. The general public has an enormous client base many being in the co-usable society themselves, so satisfying two jobs the two of which are significant. To ask them whether they feel staff ought to be evaluated gave an issue, many felt that staff ought to be assessed consistently to help with productivity, others that there was an encroachment on people groups working lives. The Personnel Manager has felt for quite a while that changes were fundamental; he was not well known a year ago when he demanded acquiring a representative nonattendance checking framework. Staff were antagonistic to the framework as they felt it assaulted them superfluously. From that point forward the framework has been hesitantly acknowledged, yet it has made a them and us demeanor among administrators and staff which isn't useful for the co-operatives’ work. After the underlying work was finished the investigation; (utilizing the delicate framework procedure) was started, the initial step was to manufacture a realistic portrayal called a rich picture first, and afterward assembling Human Activity Systems (HAS) utilizing the CATWOE approach to catch data on the association and entertainers in the general public, giving root definitions for every one of the HAS, this at that point leads into applied demonstrating and afterward looking at against this present reality. Checkland states: SSM has been portrayed as a sorted out learning framework that manages mind boggling and muddled problematical circumstances (Checkland 1999). The thought is to increase further comprehension of the issue by

Essays For College Application - How to Improve Your Essay Skills

Essays For College Application - How to Improve Your Essay SkillsEssays for college application are one of the primary requirements for admission into a particular college. The essay questionnaires that you fill out and submit along with your application forms are your guide for the essay question. Writing a short essay is not easy for most students, so they do not write them well enough. This is another aspect of essay writing that helps in improving your skills in this field.The first step towards writing an essay is to decide on the essay question. It is usually not a difficult task since there are many questions that you can ask. Of course, you should choose a topic that interests you, but remember that the subject should be very brief. Since the essay must have sufficient space, you should use the keyword technique. In other words, you should first determine what topics interest you and then select them.The next step is to get a large list of the possible topics and write them a ll down. Use the topic list to choose which one to write. This will help you in writing a great essay question.The next step is to sort your paper out into three categories. Your subject will go in one category and your argument will go in another. Make sure that you present the facts in your essay very clearly. Also, check out the guidelines for selection of facts and compare the details of facts that you include in the same document to those that you would not like to be included. Comparing the two documents will help you in improving your chances of getting accepted by the admissions committee.Once you are through with the essay, it is time to begin the time planning for the essay. There are a lot of considerations that you should take into account when writing an essay question. Of course, you should pick out the best topic and format it correctly. Of course, the topic should be written for you to provide the right information that would help you get in for admission.You must al so focus on personal values in your essay. It is necessary to present your life in a positive light if you want to convince your readers to accept you. However, if your essay has some negative points, it is necessary to discuss them well. Similarly, your essay must also contain a discussion about your strengths. But you must avoid putting your weaknesses and those that do not seem to be relevant in your essay.Make sure that you also mention all the important aspects in your essay. Remember that you are writing the question papers and not the answers. So do not repeat yourself unnecessarily. Instead, try to concentrate on providing the right information and achieving the right goal in the essay.Lastly, do not forget to improve the style of your essay. If you want to improve your writing skills, try to learn the correct format to use proper grammar. Write the essays without having to get stressed out because most of the time, even the best essay writers gets stressed when they are wri ting an essay. Try to relax and enjoy yourself.

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Marketing Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Promoting - Case Study Example Therefore, Dunkin Donut focuses on a mass market when contrasted with Starbucks. As of now talked about over that the market has been upset and there is more rivalry and bigger buyer turnout. This expansion will additionally urge different firms to enter the market and in the following 3-5 market will develop by having the greatest number of contenders and purchasers. Dunkin can attempt to utilize arrangements such educational publicizing to dishearten shoppers from purchasing different brands. This would not just guarantee that clients don't abandon the organization at the competitor’s cost at the same time, it will likewise ensure the Dunkin’s predominant situation in the market. Dunkin’ Donuts may have been established 50 years prior, however the way of thinking it received could coordinate any cutting edge organization. The organization expects to create top notch items at an entirely moderate cost. They increment the estimation of their image by selling just ‘fresh products’ to the buyers. For instance, Dunkin’ Donuts has approach that they will discard any espresso left in the pot following 18 minutes and serve just new espresso to the customers. This gives an incredible incentive to its items as individuals realize that whatever they are purchasing from the spot isn't hurtful from

Feminism and Equal Rights Essay -- Opportunities, Organized Activity, W

Women's liberation is the confidence in equivalent rights and openings, in sorted out movement, on the side of women’s rights and interests, and furthermore in the hypothesis of political, financial, and social uniformity of the genders (Merriam-Webster). Regularly, the word â€Å"feminism† has a negative implication related with it and women's activists are generalized as shut disapproved, man loathing, terrible, and whiny, among numerous different things. In any case, these generalizations are abundantly overstated and keeping in mind that they might be valid for certain women's activists, most are typical ladies who couldn't be chosen from a group. Cutting edge women's activists are following in the strides of their precursors who beginning in the late 1800’s have taken an interest in three significant women's activist developments (Stockton). The first of these developments happened in the late nineteenth and mid twentieth hundreds of years. The objective of the principal wave was to open greater open door entryways for ladies with a primary spotlight on testimonial. The wave authoritatively started at the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848 (Stockton). Here, more than 300 people mobilized for the fairness of ladies (Ruether). In its beginning times, woman's rights was frequently identified with restraint and abolitionist developments. This first influx of women's liberation developments if frequently alluded to as the â€Å"Suffrage Movement† (Gender Press). This development helped offer voice to numerous beginning time women's activist supporters who are acclaimed today, some of which incorporate Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Susan B. Anthony. These ladies battled for the option to cast a ballot, a benefit that was held for men (Stockton). This development changed into something a lot bigger when the N ational Women’s Rights Convention was shaped a couple of years after the fact. This development prompted the nineteenth Amendment being passed in 1920. The nineteenth Amendment banned sex one-sided vot... ...//'s liberation the-primary wave-2/>. 9. . Encyclopedia Britannica Online. Reference book Britannica, n.d. Web. 14 May 2014. . 10. The History of Second Wave Feminism. Suite. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 May 2014. . 11. Third Wave Foundation. Third Wave Foundation History Comments. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 May 2014. . 12. A Manifesto for Third Wave Feminism. Alternet. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 May 2014. . 13. Duca, Lauren. A Definitive Guide To Celebrity Feminism In 2013. The Huffington Post., 22 Dec. 2013. Web. 15 May 2014. feminisn_n_4476120.html.

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Essay on “Productive Curriculum in Pedagogy”

Essay on â€Å"Productive Curriculum in Pedagogy† Introduction By definition, a curriculum is a set of selected courses usually offered by schools, universities, or colleges (Squires, 2008). For this reason, to meet curriculum needs, different subjects are included in a school’s curriculum, and in most regions. There is valid literature research demonstrating that classroom teachers fail to dynamically participate in applying relevant models in curriculum growth. As a consultant, it is imperative to pinpoint that curriculums need to include Quality Teaching Model prescribed. A case study in Saudi Arabia would be helpful in showing the benefits of quality teaching framework. Thus, from the analysis the strength of the curriculum, its misalignment, and recommendations would be fronted before concluding the topic. Quality Teaching Model in general and Saudi Arabia The Kingdom Saudi Arabia is located in the western part of Asia. It occupies approximately 8% of the Arabian Peninsula. Education has been the focus of its leaders since its foundation in 1932. The Ministry of Higher Education usually supports the system. Currently, the state has a nationwide education system and provides free education from the kindergarten level to the university level for every citizen. The system is categorized into four levels including primary years of one to six years, middle school of seven to nine years, high school of ten to twelve years, and tertiary (Ramady, 2010). Gender segregation is one of the major attributes of this system since males and females learn in separate classrooms at all levels. The Ministry of Education implemented a ten-year plan, whose goal was to help students develop positive cultural educational and teaching interactions all over the world. Particularly, students in all age groups were to achieve magnificent progress in mathematics and sciences with regard to global standards and tests. There have been previous attempts to renew teaching and learning in Saudi Arabian schools by the Ministry of Education. The ministry criticized the methods used claiming that they focused on memorization and fail to assist students in development and understanding. Consequently, the Ministry of Education established recommendations that focused on quality teaching and support for radical changes that improved teaching activities in mathematics. This approach focused on a more student-centred approach rather than the traditional teacher-centred approach. The approach also occurred, in mathematics education reforms around the world, to create a more active involvement of students in mathematics classrooms. There are two outstanding issues facing people’s mathematics education in the world. These include the lack of student achievement and disentanglement from the subject. Naturally, this is an occurrence of concern to all systems of education especially of the overall acknowledgement that mathematics is a crucial subject in the curriculum and future careers of students. Despite many attempts to reform curriculum and teaching in mathematics education, the subject remains a mystery and source of anxiety to many students. Students are more likely to continue studying mathematics and putting in greater efforts to succeed in it. This is based on their perceived value of mathematics and its relevance to their life aspirations as much as on their ability in and enjoyment of it (Luttrell et al., 2010). However, in rare cases, the mathematics classroom’s environment includes current concerns and experiences for students; therefore, presenting a worthless theoretical form. Quality Teaching Model is possibly the best approaching in mathematics curriculum analysis in Saudi Arabia. This framework provides a rich set of tools for teachers to use and improve the impact of learning both in the academic and social backgrounds. These approaches assist teachers in critically reflecting on their work, and elevate students’ intellectual reasoning by making teaching and learning much more applicable to their lives. Quality Teaching Model captures the learners’ behavioural, intellectual, cognitive and social-psychological stance, a prerequisite to higher performance (Brady Kennedy, 2010). Consequently, this approach has been employed in integration with a networked-online learning environment in mathematics to create a powerful learning environment. Current Application of Quality Teaching Model at Riyadh High School The curriculum at Riyadh High School encompasses a variety of disciplines that address learning theories, curriculum, and teaching strategies. The students are exposed to various teaching models as parts of their studies. They are able to develop a high quality outcome since learning focuses on intellectual work and engaged students’ substantial cognition and deep knowledge. Teachers, at their professional development stage are expected to familiarize themselves with teaching strategies and students’ needs in relevant to mathematical education (Alhwiti, 2007). Therefore, it is clear that mathematics curriculum in Riyadh High School helps students develop quality knowledge, understanding, values, and the overall intellectual quality. The students of Riyadh High School, similar to other high schools, are subject to learning mathematics on a daily basis. The contact time for this unit is one hour daily for four days a week, and students are required to learn some mathematical methods (Alhwiti, 2007). Strengths of Quality Teaching Model The mathematics curriculum at Riyadh High School has shown substantial effect on the overall performance. Based on Quality Teaching Framework adopted, numerous facets conjoin to improve performance of mathematics. First, there is employment of well-educated, knowledgeable and experienced teaching staff members. In the event that a teacher is under practicum (that is, a student teacher), that teacher is accorded a mentor. This provides students with a rich arena to tap into such vastness of knowledge in their midst. Moreover, the teaching staffs explicate critical thinking ability, use metalanguage, and subjective communication (Keddie, 2005). The institution has an explicit policy on utilization of language specific communication that integrates with conventional communication approaches. In such a case, students are able to not only communicate with the teachers but also communicate using subject specific terminologies. Second, the facility makes provision for an integrative framework such that students are actively engaged in the learning process. Mathematics may not be such a practical subject especially for higher classes but active engagement during lessons and in verification and feedback (Keddie, 2005, Brady Kennedy, 2010) on their work has become an integral part of Riyadh High School. Third, there is an element of cultural integration with cross-cultural approach in admission at the institution. This enables students to have cultural tolerance and to learn from one another. Misalignment of Quality Teaching Model On the other hand, there is some level of misalignment between Riyadh High School’s mathematics curriculum and the quality of teaching in place. This is because the school’s curriculum is strictly based on textbooks as the ultimate source of teaching material for mathematics. This however, is a challenge especially for male students who detest too much theoretical learning aspects. This may explain such continued poor performance in mathematics in the institution. Students rarely get a chance to connect the theories learnt from class and the real world situation despite years of study. Textbook-oriented mathematics curriculum also restricts the teacher from establishing activities that assist students to link the mathematical knowledge acquired in class and the real world beyond the classroom. Additionally, students are not capable of taping into their higher cognitive thinking arena with regard to mathematics. This therefore waters down a potential philosophical student’s intelligence leading to students later on engaging in malevolent acts since their creative minds are left idle. Recommendations To create a much bigger outcome from quality teaching model students need high teacher and societal support levels. To ensure higher achievement of intellectual quality and acquisition of the greatest significance, the teachers in Riyadh High School need to support their students in learning theories, and creating a quality-learning environment whenever they are implementing learning frameworks. There is need for all stakeholders in the education system of Saudi Arabia to put more efforts that help students attain higher significance levels. There should be an improved level of the quality-learning environment by employing practical activities, lessons ideas, and examples in the learning environment. Utilization of real world problems in class is imperative to capturing students’ cognitive aspects and edifies their mathematics understanding ability (Keddie, 2005). Second, the institution should implement utilization of ICT technology especially given the fact that computers nowadays have interactive programs that can be used as an integrated learning approach (Graham, 2006). In so doing, teachers can use simulation models to exemplify on different mathematical concepts. Third, it is important for the Ministry of education in Saudi Arabia to come up with an integrated curriculum that emphasizes on teaching students to tap into their cognitive abilities during problem solving to harness their gifting (Keddie, 2005). This will ensure that students understand and appreciate the need for critical and creative thinking in all aspects of life. Apparently, current curriculum tends to favour girls than boys since there is a lot of literature within. The ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia should develop a curriculum that embraces gender with their proclivities. It is also good to note also that girls tend to lag behind in terms of mathematics and science-based subjects. The development of a system that emphasizes on subjects reported to receive poor performance can facilitate better performance among the students (Keddie, 2005).

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Hunting Is A Staple Of American Tradition - 1788 Words

Hunting has become a staple of American traditions since the beginning of the first hunter/gatherers, to the Native Americans who have lived in the U.S for millennia, even all the way until present day. Much of today’s society looks at hunting as a cruel activity when in reality it has more of a positive effect on the environment than it does harm. There are an abundance of benefits that come from hunting. Some of the benefits of hunting are: it is the biggest contribution to conserving wildlife, the meat is healthier than commercially produced meat, many jobs are being supported out of hunting, and every hunter wants â€Å"to bag† the trophy animal; however, there are a few cons to this, which include poaching and interference by the activist†¦show more content†¦In Arizona, because of the lesser population of animals, one may only harvest one antlered deer, one elk, and two javelina per person per year. Additionally, the hunter must be drawn in a â€Å"lotte ry-style process for allocating the limited number of Arizona big game and other limited species hunt permit-tags to applicants† (AZ Game Fish). Not every applicant who applies for a tag gets drawn, this is part of the system of controlling the population of wildlife to ensure no animal is over hunted. However, in other states, there might be other regulations based on the population of the animal. For example, in Kentucky, one may be able to harvest four deer per year including one antlered deer (Kentucky Game and Fish). A famous example of overgrazing is the Kaibab plateau in northern Arizona in the early 1900’s. In summary, cattle was introduced to the plateau and thus created the problem of overgrazing the land. Then in 1906 Theodore Roosevelt declared the area the Grand Canyon National Game Preserve. The regulators of the area officially banned hunting of deer in 1907, in addition, the extermination of predators of deer was put into effect. By 1920 the deer popul ation had risen out of control from these laws and hunting was reopened. This overpopulation of deer caused overgrazing to happen once again and 60,000 deer starved within the next two winters. The image above shows the population of deer from 1905Show MoreRelatedThe Pros And Cons Of Gun Control1283 Words   |  6 Pagesself-defense, hunting, sporting activities, and security against tyranny. One side would claim that by removing guns from the hands of criminals would result in safer communities. While the other side would state that law-abiding citizens that own guns can reduce crime and that criminals will always have access to guns. At times at a certain border and in other part of the world, the criminals would be seen with military grade weaponry. History. Guns in America can be traced back to the hunting traditionRead MoreThe Omnivore s Dilemma By Michael Pollan1412 Words   |  6 Pagestug-of-war with my opinions, and those of most other Americans, throughout our lives. Pollan argues that this distress of being required to make choices among so much conflicting and biased information has turned America into a food-obsessed society, one that is eternally focused on but paradoxically distracted by the seemingly simple issue of what to eat. A lot of the food we end up consuming, whether we realize it or not, is made of corn: the ultimate staple grain, pumped through the industrial food chainRead MoreTraditions Evolved Or Vanished? Essay1190 Words   |  5 PagesTraditions Evolved or Vanished Every year, more and more cultural beliefs and traditions continue to be disappearing. Those cultural traditions that kept generations thriving strong throughout out our families are becoming nothing more than memories. Traditions were something that brought cultures and families together and made them one within each other. Traditions allowed people to become strong independent well-balanced individuals. Family traditions had an intense connection to the food theyRead MoreLittle Bison Basin Prehistory1329 Words   |  5 Pagesglaciers during the melt down. A region with plenty of vegetation and wildlife. According to the Dictionary of American History, The Great Basin does not have the abundant natural resources of the Pacific Northwest and California. Around 10,000 years ago, native peoples practiced big-game hunting around the remnants of Ice Age lakes in what archaeologists call the Western Pluvial Lakes Tradition. As the pluvial lakes dried up around five to seven thousand years ago, native peoples diversified their collectionRead More The Cherokee Essays1033 Words   |  5 Pages â€Å"THE CHEROKEE† nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;This report will examine the interaction and effects of the European culture clashing with the Native American culture when these new people [Europeans] came to a land and decided to take what they thought was theirs. Discussed will be who these people were and are, their way of life, and how they lived then and now. This paper will explain the â€Å"religious bigotry, cultural bias, and materialistic view† (Perdue and Porter 7) the Europeans had that conflictedRead MoreTapestry of a Tribe: The Story of the Ute Indians Essay1664 Words   |  7 Pagesname.† ~Disneys Pocohontas And so it is with the Ute Indians, a people whose great respect and admiration for the land and its inhabitants weaves in and out of their culturally rich heritage like threads in a tapestry. Not unlike other Native American tribes, the Utes feel a deep connection to the land that is their home. Everything they believe and all they do is a direct result of this connection. The story of the Utes is one that spans over a thousand years. It is a mystery, an action adventureRead MoreIroquois Origin Story Analysis1041 Words   |  5 PagesMany cultures around the world have beliefs and traditions unique to their way of life. One of the main influences in their culture stems from religious beliefs, that almost always explains the fundamental questions of human existence, purpose and relationship with spiritual beings and nature. These timeless origin stories seem to address these questions in vibrant, creative and powerful ways. They all point to some power, force or being that is respo nsible for man’s existence and purpose, and inRead More Native Peoples in New England Essay example1579 Words   |  7 Pages Native American history spans tens of thousands of thousands of years and two continents. It is a multifaceted story of dynamic cultures that in turn spawned intricate economic relationships and complex political alliances. Through it all, the relationship of First Peoples to the land has remained a central theme. Though Native Americans of the region today known as New England share similar languages and cultures, known as Eastern Algonquian, they are not one political or social group. RatherRead MoreThe Iroquois Confederacy to Six Nations1570 Words   |  7 Pagescollective of tribes that occupied the upper region of New York state around Lake Ontario, Pennsylvania, and Southern Ontario and Quebec. The term Iroquois is an English deviation from a French deviation of an offensive Algonkian (group of Native American Indian languages used from South Carolina to Labrador, Canada and west to the Great Plains) term for â€Å"real snakes†. Originally, the members of the confederacy described themselves as Kanonsionni (compound word – kanonsa meaning â€Å"house† and â€Å"ionni†Read MoreEssay on History and Uniqueness of the Culture of Nigeria1499 Words   |  6 PagesGuide (2005), the British colonial officer’s wife, had put together the words â€Å"Niger.â₠¬  meaning black and ‘area’ together, making Nigeria. Despite the British colonization, Nigerian people today still have many different languages, cultures, and traditions with roots reaching into their ancestors. Uniqueness of the Culture According to the book, A History of Nigeria (2008), Nigeria is historically unique for three different reasons. First, it was found that there had been a high level of migration